Ok, ich bin mächtig aufgeregt. Ab nun kann man mein Buch „Nice Nosing You“ in den USA, Großbritannien, Deutschland vorbestellen.

Hier geht es zur Bestellung auf amazon.de: http://amzn.to/1Gq6Bsf

Und hier auf amazon.com: amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1dam0mC
Oder auch Barnes&Nobles (für US/Kanada): http://bit.ly/1z1I6lq

Das Buch hat 160 Seiten und zeigt mehr als 100 Fotos. Lest wie unsere drei Hunde ihrem Herrchen, meinem Mann, das Leben gerettet haben. Für Fotografiebegeisterte gibt es einen Anhang mit einigen technischen Details zu den Bildern. Das Buch ist bisher nur auf Englisch geplant (aber dafür ist es ja auch mehr ein Bildband :-) ).

Hier hier aus dem Klappentext:

„From acclaimed animal photographer Elke Vogelsang comes a charming, personal collection of portraits of her three dogs—Noodles, Scout, and Ioli. „Nice Nosing You“ presents Elke’s expressive portraits of her much-loved dogs; a collection compiled over two years in what became a personal and touching project for Elke and her husband, Carsten.
One year on Christmas Day, Elke’s three dogs suddenly started barking outside the bathroom door. Investigating the commotion, Elke discovered Carsten collapsed in the bathroom. He had suffered a major brain hemorrhage, and the dogs had in fact saved his life, discovering him at a crucial time. The months immediately following were filled with much uncertainty, and in an attempt to establish some sort of routine and find something to lift her husband’s mood, Elke started taking photos of their dogs to show Carsen in the hospital. Over the next two years, as Cartsen slowly recovered, Elke’s project became an obsession.
Gathered here in a stunning collection, Elke’s photographs are captioned with inspiring quotes, illustrating the personal encouragement she and her husband found in these intimate and playful images. Praised by Good Morning America—“people are going nuts over these photos”—and The Huffington Post—“Elke Vogelsang has taken dog portraits to a new level”—this is truly a collection to treasure.“
Nice Nosing You - book by Elke Vogelsang