After a long time I am again offering private bookings.

A session can take place in my studio in Hildesheim, Germany or outdoors and lasts about 60-90 minutes. With lots of fun and rewards we’ll have a look what your pet might offer us.

By the way, your pet doesn’t have to be a super obedient supermodel. I love the unruly, energetic, cheeky ones just as much as the calm, cool or even shy ones. It doesn’t matter if there’s a pedigree or they are a mixed breed, a puppy or a senior. If your pet decides to not participate (which almost never happens, but of course could be the case), you don’t have to pay. All colours, sizes, coat types, etc. are possible. Every animal has its own special something and a session is not an obedience test, but should be fun for everybody involved.

I am always happy about sessions with pets whose photos I can use for my licensing archive. In this case the cost for the session is a rebated 350 euros incl. VAT (for max. three animals from the same owner). For this you get twelve pictures as prints in approx. 13x18cm, as web-optimised files (with a small logo) and as a slideshow. Without permission

You like this photo package? Then send me information about age, coat colour, breed/mixture and a small photo to I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you do not wish the images to be used by me for commercial usage, please contact me anyway. If possible with my schedule, I might have capacities for sessions at a not rebated price.

Send your enquiry via my contact form.

Some of the many cover stars who have been “wieselblitzed”: