For quite a while now I was looking for a continuous light set. I’ve found it in the Hobolite Avant Creator Kit, which is now part of my equipment. Especially, for puppies, kittens or very shy pets it might be advisable to use continuous light instead of a strobe. The flash light might be spooky to some animals. With the right choice of light modifier you get wonderful even or dramatic light. The Hobolite Avant Creator Kit offers everything I need, which is the light itself (look at that beauty!) as well as a softbox with grid or a barn door with dome plus different coloured gels and a grid for the barn door. Sorry, that might sound a bit technical to those who don’t know what I’m talking about. But here are some images and below some results of the first sessions. Looking forward to exploring continuous light in the studio more from now on. After all, it was the very first light I used in the studio.

This light will be especially useful for me to take photos of dogs looking for a home. They often come from abroad and sometimes don’t know any basic commands and might still be a bit frightened. Continuous light is much less obtrusive. They will feel far more comfortable with this.

The light:


The kit:


Some results: