The following is a little preview of a project of mine, which started a while ago as a tongue-in-cheek small series. 


Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking? What if they could express themselves in words? What would dogs read if they could? Here are some examples – taken from the library of a dog. The books and magazines a dog would read or maybe… chew on.

This catalogue of imaginary publications unites the dog lovers, bibliophiles, photography enthusiasts and those who have already read all the self-help books for humans and would like to find a new perspective. 

It’s an honest celebration but very tongue-in-cheek presentation of the admirable mindset of dogs and our (mis)communication with them.

We can all learn from our canine family members. Let’s try to be ‘more dog‘. It’s not that serious if it doesn’t involve a ball, sausages or cheese.