Black and white dog photography love

There are endless ways to photograph a subject. That‘s what I love the most about photography. There‘s no limit to the choice of perspectives, techniques, approaches, styles, etc.

Having to make a living from photography more or less forces you to show one particular style that you get known for. I‘m known professionally for colorful, funny studio portraits of dogs. That’s what I stand for and what I also enjoy doing very much. But I just love black and white photography as well as moody, grainy pictures and maybe even melancholic and abstract images. Fortunately, I can still pursue photography as a hobby. Next to my job I photograph for my own personal entertainment to still enjoy photography as this overwhelmingly fulfilling creative pursuit. 

That’s why I always also take/edit some black and white portraits of my models. My dogs comforted me in bad times. Dogs mean so much to me, even though I try to express my love for them in images. It’s never really enough. Their humour and enthusiasm for the little things is unparalleled. But so is their ability to understand and also mirror our emotions. And geez, I can be a little moody sometimes.

Here’s a little set of black and white dog portraits in the studio.


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