Goodbye, 2023! And thank you…

Sometimes life throws stuff at you … lemons, curveballs, punches, well, whatever it is, it’s seldom glitter. And I had my fair share of shiznit thrown at me the last fifteen years. It taught me patience, resilience and perseverance, because all these challenges somehow turned into something new and something better. Opportunities I wouldn’t have taken, had it not been for the motivation I got through trying to distract myself from all that crap.

Dogs and photography were and are my safe haven. When turning it into a profession, you run the risk of ruining the dream. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m super happy to have wonderful people with their glorious animal family members to make this possible. A huge “Thank you!” to my models’ humans and, of course, to my wonderful models.

I was able to fill my licensing archive of stock images with even more cat and dog photos. My images brought me to Las Vegas and Spain. What an exciting year.

Private bookings are possible. Next slots available for February 2024.

Some of my models

1 – Wilma
2 – Tyson
3 – Easy
4 – Nevio
5 – Michel, Pina
6 – Evi
7 – Potter
8+9 – Yuki
10 – Alisa